Support the Fair Share Act

Bill introduced in KS Legislature that would require free-loading non-members to pay their fair share.

Anyone who works at a unionized job get the benefits and protections of union-negotiated contracts whether they are members of the union or not. Even more, unions are legally obligated to equally, and in good faith, represent every employee in a bargaining unit, regardless of whether the employee is a union member or not.

That means that dues-paying members are required to spend their own time and money to represent the free-loaders who do not pay dues.

This must stop.

A bill called the "Fair Share Act" has just been introduced to the Kansas Legislature that would require all non-union employees benefitting from union representation must either join the union OR have the cost of union dues deducted from their paycheck and sent to a non-profit. It's only fair.

Visit to find out who represents you in the KS Legislature. Call or email your Senator and Representative to express your support for the "Fair Share Act".